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Air Conditioning by Romano Brothers

Romano Bros. offers the highest quality service for your air conditioning unit to keep your home temperature comfortably cool. From choosing the right unit, cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, we are here to help you maximize the lifetime value of your AC system. We have several areas of expertise when it comes to your A/C. Call us for help with any of your air conditioning needs: 

  • Preventative maintenance and furnace tune-ups
  • Seasonal unit inspections
  • Ductwork repair
  • Filter cleaning and replacement



Romano Bros. offers a variety of A/C services to help cool your home. Learn more about our service by clicking here.

Don’t let the heat and humidity get to you this summer! If you are experiencing A/C problems, we can help repair it.

Need help with installation of a new unit? We can do that for you!

Replacing your unit is a necessary pain sometimes. Romano Bros will check your unit to make a replacement is warranted.





If your current air conditioner is over ten years old, it’s most likely not as efficient as newer models. The energy efficiency of an HVAC equipment is categorized by its SEER rating: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER ratio, the more efficient your unit is. If your SEER ratio is low, it indicates your AC is not performing well. It uses more energy to cool your home, which will be evident on your electric bill. A higher SEER rating also means that the unit is more environmentally friendly, with a lower carbon footprint. Should it be time to consider a new air conditioner, Romano Bros. will work with you to determine the best system for your needs. These factors include the climate in which you live and prefer to keep your home, the size of your home, and how long you anticipate living in your home. We use only the best technology and provide an array of trusted brands, including Trane, American Standard, Rheem, Rudd, Goodman, and Amana to meet your needs. 

Programmable Thermostats

In addition to unit services, we also provide programmable thermostat installation and repair. We offer digital, Nest, Honeywell, and smart thermostats. Using a programmable thermostat, adjust the times you turn on the heating or air-conditioning according to a schedule you determine. Our technicians will even walk you through how to program your thermostat for remote temperature management!


We know that once you decide to replace or install a new AC unit, timing is of great importance. Romano Bros. will work with you to quickly determine a convenient time to install the new air conditioner so that your family stays comfortable. Our technicians will inspect your premises and calculate the proper size unit to install, so that your equipment functions as it is supposed to.


Regular maintenance is key to getting the most out of your air conditioning equipment. Bi-annual inspections and tune-ups are strongly recommended and prolong the life of your unit. Ask about our maintenance plans to keep your systems in check.


Houses are dirty and accumulate dust over time. When dirt and dust move through your ac, it can accumulate on the coil, lowering the efficiency. That’s why it’s essential to have your A/C professionally cleaned regularly.


If you’re noticing that your home just isn’t feeling as cool as you’d prefer, some rooms are colder than others, the system is making an unusual sound or doesn’t kick in at the temperature you specify on the thermostat, then it’s time to call Romano Bros. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and are often able to repair the AC right on the spot!


For more information on air conditioning installation, service or repairs, give us a call at (630) 931-0123 or use our online contact form.