Benefits of Covering Your A/C Unit After Summer

Fall is here, and with that, you may be wondering whether or not you need to put a cover on your air conditioner for the winter. There are a lot of opinions out there about whether or not you should cover the air conditioning unit.

Can a Smart Thermostat Work Without Wi-Fi Connection?

Smart thermostats are a great invention that can do several different things beyond just running your heating and cooling. Smart thermostats can do remote monitoring, connect to your other devices, and even display local weather conditio

What Does SEER Mean in Air Conditioning?

Whether you're considering upgrading your old air conditioning system or you're ready to purchase your very first, there are many decisions to make. It's vital that you understand what a SEER rating is so that you can pick the right one for your home.

How Do Refrigerants Work in Air Conditioning Systems?

Air conditioning keeps things cool by removing excess humidity from your inside air. It also "conditions" air with the help of refrigerant that, in turn, gets some assistance from AC components that include compressors and evaporators. We'll go over the basics of how refrigerants work in air conditioning systems in greater detail below.

How Can I Keep My Attic Cool in the Summer?

The attic can get very hot during the summer months. Instead of dealing with high utility bills and problems with your unit, you should take a look at other methods of cooling your attic. There are several ways that you can do this:

Buyer's Guide: Central Air Conditioners

There are various types of AC that you can choose to keep your home cool and promote comfort. That said, here are a few tips to consider when buying a central air conditioner.

Is Auto Mode on an A/C Unit More Cost Efficient?

It is important to know everything about your HVAC unit to make sure that you are using the appropriate settings. Using the right setting can help you adequately control your home's temperature and keep your electric bill low.

Can I Replace My HVAC Unit by Myself?

With the latest DIY trends, you might be tempted to replace your new HVAC unit by yourself. While going the DIY way can be an excellent concept for tasks such as home decorations, you are in better hands hiring a professional HVAC technician for your unit replacement.