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Furnace Service by Romano Bros.

To prepare for a chilly Chicago winter, call Romano Bros. for excellent furnace service to ensure it does not need any repairs. Regular maintenance will ensure the life of your furnace, and keep you from worrying about it malfunctioning in the dead of winter. In addition, regularly servicing your furnace ensures efficiency, reliability, and safety. Our technicians will determine what service is needed after a thorough inspection. If you regularly service your furnace, your chances of needing a total replacement considerably decrease. Let Romano Bros. get you ready for the next winter season.


Here are a few of the services we perform that will help keep your furnace running as it should:

  • Test for Gas Leaks
  • Check Gas Valve
  • Clean Burners
  • Clean Ignition Assembly
  • Clean Interior of Vestibule
  • Check Motor
  • Check Fan Bearings
  • Check for Combustible Materials
  • Check Furnace Wiring
  • Check Belt Tension
  • Measure Volts/Amps
  • Check Wiring
  • Check Starting Capability
  • Inspect Flue and Diverter
  • Adjust and Check Pilot
  • Check Thermocouple
  • Check All Safety Devices
  • Check Heat Exchanger for Leaks
  • Check Air Filters & Flow
  • Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Check Limit Control
  • Check Fan Control
  • Inspect Combustion Chamber

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

We often have people ask us why seasonal maintenance and servicing is important. And this is an understandable question from many people who have never personally purchased a new heating or cooling system or dealt with an aging system that begins to lead to many headaches. It comes down to protecting your investment and comfort. While technology has advanced many things around us drastically in the last 10-20 years, many types of technology and equipment that we rely on daily still need to be regularly serviced and checked on. The most common comparison you will find is your car’s engine and internal systems. While a brand new vehicle is often fine for a while without any serious servicing, even brand new engines need oil changes and minor servicing regularly.

As they age and we add thousands of miles and hours of usage, different systems begin to wear down. Your vehicle often uses check-engine lights, notifications, and noticeable changes in performance to tell you that something is wrong or is about to be if ignored. Your heating and cooling systems will begin showing some of the same symptoms, except that older systems rarely give you warning before something breaks and leads to problems. Regular maintenance helps ensure that your systems function properly and efficiently season after season, and allows a skilled technician to make minor repairs and adjustments to avoid serious problems.

The Benefits of Heating and Cooling

Along with the obvious goal of keeping your heating and cooling systems running to keep your home or business comfortable, there are a few other benefits that come with having your equipment serviced yearly. These include:

  • Lower Energy Costs: A system can at times continue to operate while efficiently begins to decline. So while you might still be experiencing some degree of comfort, a system that is ignored will begin to consume more energy and work harder to attempt to compensate and maintain the temperatures you set. Regular maintenance helps maintain your entire system and provide peak performance season after season. This will help you avoid rising energy costs as the system ages.
  • Fewer Repairs: An ignored and often-used engine will begin to breakdown and need serious repairs, eventually leading to complete breakdowns that lead to needing a new engine instead of common repairs. The same situation will happen with an ignored heating and cooling system that is relied on constantly. Servicing and maintenance will result in small repair needs being discovered before they turn into larger problems or lead to full system failures. The result is again that you are far less likely to face additional costs and headaches when you need your system the most.
  • Increased Equipment Life: Taking care of your heating and cooling system can lead to a drastically increased chance that air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, and other equipment will last longer. One or two serious problems will often create a ripple effect that leads to further problems and results in you replacing something years before you would like to. Regularly serviced HVAC equipment is far less likely to suffer from serious malfunctions and avoid breakdowns that can cut into the expected lifespan.
  • A Safer Environment: Repairs, rising electric bills, and broken heating and cooling systems can be bad enough. But malfunctioning heating and cooling units can lead to serious health risks as well. Electrical problems, carbon monoxide leaks, and fire hazards can all happen when equipment is ignored long enough. Service and maintenance visits not only prevent situations that can lead to these health scares, but they also give trained technicians a chance to address the situation if one of these problems is beginning to form.

Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Besides scheduling regular maintenance for your heating and cooling systems during the fall and spring seasons, you can also do a few things yourself that will help your units operate efficiently throughout the difficult seasons. These DIY tasks will help keep your equipment running smoothly until the next professional visit by one of our technicians:

  • Change your air filters every month. With most systems, this is pretty simple and anyone can do it within a few moments. Some units even have an indicator light that tells you when the filter is beginning to become clogged and airflow is decreased.
  • Clean and clear debris from around any outdoor units.
  • Hose down the outdoor unit when dirt begins to accumulate on it. Ask a professional during a visit if this is okay before doing so, this should not be done with a few types of units.
  • Make sure foliage is cleared within at least 18 inches of the outdoor unit.
  • Keep supply and return registers unblocked by drapes, rugs, or furniture.

Protect your investment and stay comfortable this winter by scheduling a service visit with Romano Bros. Heating & Air. Call us at (630) 931-0123 or use our online contact form today to have your heating system maintained by the preferred professionals for Chicago homeowners!