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Preventative Furnace Maintenance

6 Preventative Furnace Checklist for the Holiday Season

Preventative Furnace Checklist for the Holiday Season

A furnace is designed to provide added warmth and comfort when it gets cold outside by properly circulating heated air throughout your home. It's safe to assume you don't want to be without heat during the holiday season when temps drop. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure you're not without heat when it matters most. Below, we present our furnace checklist for the holiday season.

Check and Change the Filters

Filters can become clogged with dirt and other debris over time, especially if you also have an air conditioner that shares the same ventilation system. A blocked or clogged filter will make your furnace work harder, which can lead to more repairs. Ideally, your furnace filter should be changed at least every 2-3 months. If you have a reusable filter, follow the directions given for adequately cleaning it.

Set Your Thermostat Correctly for Cooler Temps

Make sure your thermostat is set at a temperature that's going to keep you comfy when it's colder but not one that's going to waste energy. suggests 68 degrees Fahrenheit for a winter thermostat setting.

On a related note, consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat. These devices gradually learn your comfort patterns and adjust settings based on usage habits and routines. This added precision with adjustments can add up to significant savings for you.

Make Sure Registers and Vents Are Open

It's common to close vents and registers during the summer months if you have other sources of cooling for the summer months. Take a moment to go around your home to check all vents and registers. Also, check to see if anything is blocking them, like furniture or long curtains.

Check Your Furnace's Flame

The flame for your furnace should be mostly blue. If you notice yellowish or orangish hues, contact an HVAC professional. There could be issues with how the gas is distributed in your furnace or other problems requiring expert attention.

Pay Attention to Unusual Sounds and Smells

Grinding, clicking, clanking, booming, and similar sounds should be reason enough to call an HVAC repair specialist. With smells, pay particular attention to a rotten egg smell. This means you have a gas leak. If you notice this, leave your home and call your local gas company.

Have an HVAC Technician Do a More Thorough Check

Anything beyond what's already mentioned should be done by an experienced HVAC professional. This part of the checklist involves a more thorough check of the pilot light, a good cleaning of inside parts, and a vent and flue inspection. An experienced furnace service professional can also check for gas leaks in a more detailed way to ensure there are no issues requiring prompt attention.

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Romano Bros Heating and Air is at your service if you prefer to have a professional furnace checkup done. We can also help you with routine furnace maintenance and heating system emergencies that might occur during the holiday season. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our HVAC professionals.