3 Tips For Keeping Your Home Comfortable During Your Superbowl Party

It’s that time of the year again, the 52nd Super Bowl! Whatever team your rooting for, this day is sure to give every NFL fan an unforgettable memory. Living rooms again will be packed, testosterone-filled screams will fill the air, and you’ll be left with a sadness until next season.

But how do you make sure your Superbowl party this 2018 will be a success? How can you be certain your friends/family speak of that day throughout the years as an epic feast where hearts gathered to witness a majestic rivalry, where banters were happily exchanged, and where bellies go home from, full, and their thirst, quenched? Most importantly, how do you keep the temperature in your home comfortable?

Set Your Temperature For Success

You’ll have to make sure the temperature of your house is conducive for watching the Super Bowl, and taking in a large number of people for a few hours. You should take note as more people come in, the warmer it will become, so you should gradually crank down the thermostat as people arrive. You don’t want the place getting too warm. The last thing you want is a bunch of people sweating while watching the game. It’s not only uncomfortable but it might stink up the place, too!

Check Your Insulation

Make sure insulation in your house is optimal to keep all your guests warm and cozy during the game. It’s important that your home is insulated well, especially because your front door will be opening and closing all night to welcome more guests as they come and go. Ensuring your windows and doors are well sealed will help keep your guests as comfortable as possible.

Prepare The Place With HVAC Maintenance

Make sure you get a routine maintenance visit by a technician to check if your heating system is working fine. Any routine maintenance that needs to be completed should be done before your guests come. The last thing you want is your heater breaking down or a dirty filter clouding the place up before your friends and family come to enjoy the game.

To get your HVAC system in shape, call Romano Bros. at (630) 931-0123. We will help you get your system working well and comfortably before the big day.