4 Signs Your HVAC Needs To Be Replaced Before Winter

Winter season is just around the corner. Cold air starts to blow and the days are getting colder. One way of making the winter season a comfortable experience is by making sure that your home is perfectly warm and cozy. An efficient and cost-saving heating system in your home is required to get through the cold season.

Some of you might be turning on your heaters for the first time after several months of not using it. And it’s better to check for warning signs now if your furnace needs replacement than to realize it in the middle of the winter season. Nobody wants to experience that crisis, right?

Here are some furnace warning signs that you need to check to know if your furnace can survive the winter season. The more similar signs you get means that you have a bigger reason to replace it than just to repair it. In fact, replacing is a more cost-efficient way as compared to repairing several issues of your furnace. See which of the following applies to your heating system and take the necessary action of replacing it before it is too late.


Your Furnace is Old enough to be Replaced

Age is an important variable to consider when you’re thinking of replacing your heating system. Furnaces have a useful life of 10 to 15 years, and it starts to run down once it hits the age of 10. If the age of your furnace is more than or equal to 10 years, you will notice its slower productivity and notice that your furnace repairs increase in occurrences. If this occurs, you might need to take into consideration looking for a new heating system and replace what you have before the winter is at its peak.

One visible sign that you need to take note when your furnace starts to depreciate is the rust build up outside of it. If rusts forms outside, most probably the inside of your furnace is rusty as well. Rusts indicate that your furnace does need replacement rather than just repairment.

Luckily, if your furnace does not show signs of rust, another sign of an old and replacement-worthy furnace is the strange and unusual noises coming from the heating unit. Normally, minor pops can be heard from your furnace ducts as well as the humming from the blower when it runs. However, if the noises are louder and creating strange sounds such as sizzling, whistling and popping, then investing for a new furnace is a better decision.


Increasing Furnace Energy Consumption

Does your electricity consumption upsurge more than the usual? If yes, then one root to that is your ineffectual heating system. Furnaces that are running down in productivity tend to work harder than its usual pace thus consuming more energy. So, to incur a lower energy bill during the winter season, replacing your furnace is a wise decision.


More Repairs on the Past Two (2) Years

Signs that your furnace is starting wear out occur on the final 2 years of its life. If your furnace is receiving frequent visits from repairmen, and it’s costing you more unnecessary money, take replacement into consideration. Frequent repairs are more costly than replacement. So to save more on the winter season, replace your furnace now before it’s too late.


Yellow Burner Flame Instead of Blue

Flames from your heaters is one good indicator your furnace needs replacement. Normal and correct flame color that should be observed from your heater is blue-colored flame with yellow glowing on the tip.  It means that it is made up primarily of methane. On the other hand, if yellow burner flames is produced by the furnace, this shows that other condensates such as dust, rust, and other harmful chemicals are burning along with the methane that can be a potential hazardous air pollutant. This could affect the health of your family. Hence, to avoid this, check your burners now and see and confirm if your furnace needs to be replaced.


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