7 Questions To Consider Before Buying An HVAC System

Owning an HVAC system in your homes brings a lot of benefits, not only does it keep your house clean from unwanted dirt circulating the air but it also keeps the inside of your homes cozy and comfortable when seasons become too hot or too cold. Choosing the best HVAC system requires a lot of decision making, ensuring that you score the best quality HVAC unit in the market that helps provide uttermost comfort for your homes and family members living in it. Here are 7 questions to consider before you purchase your own HVAC system:

What Size Should I Purchase?

Before selecting an HVAC system, you have to make sure that it perfectly fits inside your homes and does not occupy too much space. For example, if you purchase a large HVAC system but your home is quite tiny, then it will have problems in running. Take the time  to study the layout of your homes, take note of the dimensions, and this will help figure out what size is best fit for the indoors. Both a small and large HVAC unit has its pros and cons, take the time to ask an HVAC technician what unit size is most needed for your homes.

Is There an HVAC Maintenance Program?

In order to make sure that your HVAC unit functions properly on a regular basis, it is best to have your system maintained every now and then. Making sure that your HVAC system comes with an HVAC maintenance plan will help make sure your system is inspected with the help of a technician. With proper maintenance, it also helps in increasing your system’s lifespan instead of allowing it to die early.

Choosing Between Split-Type Or Packaged Air Conditioning?

When deciding to choose an air conditioning unit, there are two things to consider in terms of the type of your home, a split-type which has been a common unit at homes while the packaged air conditioning is placed inside while the technician has it installed outside. It is up to how each of the unit’s best fits your lifestyle.

How Long Is Installation?

Before buying an HVAC system, the installation process can be a determining factor. When it comes to installing new systems in your homes, it is best to know how long an installation process takes. There are some types of units and models that take longer or shorter in installing, depending on what HVAC system is in your homes.

Compatibility Of The Air Filter?

Each type of air filter comes with its unique functions in helping keeping the air clean by getting rid of dirt particles circulating in the air. With the help of an HVAC technician, they can help in choosing the right air filter for your homes, and also make sure it gets properly cleaned every now and then.

What Is The MERV Rating Of The Filter?

There are different types of air filters to choose from, each comes with a different MERV rating that helps identify its overall quality. If an air filter comes with a lower MERV rating then it does not do much in trying to eliminate compared to systems with higher ratings. Ask your local technician what air filter is best for your home.

A Manual Or Programmable Thermostat?

Compared to a regular thermostat, a programmable one helps balance the temperature indoors. For example, if you are away for the whole day and the temperature fluctuates inside, a programmable thermostat can help in adjusting the temperature every now and then. An HVAC technician can identify if a manual or programmable is what your homes need.

Always consult with an HVAC technician to make the right decisions for your home. Make sure to trust only a licensed professional when looking for advice. Talk to a reliable one from Romano Bros. at (630) 931-0123.