Can I Replace My HVAC Unit by Myself?

Your hard work has finally paid off, and you have managed to save up enough money for a new HVAC unit. With a new incoming HVAC system, you can already begin fantasizing about the improved comfort and indoor air quality that awaits your home. With the latest DIY trends, you might be tempted to replace your new HVAC unit by yourself. While going the DIY way can be an excellent concept for tasks such as home decorations, you are in better hands hiring a professional HVAC technician for your unit replacement.

Can I Replace my HVAC Unit by Myself?

HVAC replacement tasks aren’t as straightforward as putting together five wood pieces to assemble a simple DIY table. While it’s attractive being handy, you might want to leave this to a professional HVAC technician. Even with a few skills, tools, and resources guiding you, you are likely to make a mistake that could cost you the entire HVAC unit. The following are reasons to bring in a professional for HVAC replacement services.

It’s Safer

Air conditioners and heating systems heavily rely on electrical wiring, chemicals, and hazardous gases that can be deadly if not handled well. Make the wrong wiring connections and risk electrocuting yourself or burning down your entire house. A professional HVAC technician is well knowledgeable and versed in replacing HVAC units safely.

Proper Training and Equipment

HVAC units are undeniably one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home. You don’t want to risk destroying a new HVAC unit through trial and error installations. HVAC professionals amass skills to install and repair these units appropriately. Your HVAC unit will be in better hands if you decide to hire a professional due to the proper training and equipment required to get the job done.

Protect Your Warranty

You were probably awarded a warranty upon purchasing the new HVAC unit that typically protects you from costs associated with equipment failure or malfunction. Your warranty will require professional routine inspections and part replacements to protect its validity. Attempting to install the HVAC unit by yourself puts the warranty contract at risk of violation. In the event where your HVAC system breaks down after you’ve installed it yourself, the manufacturer may not be able to fix your equipment or replace it for free.

If you’ve been contemplating installing your HVAC system by yourself, you might want to reconsider your options, given the reasons discussed above. Give Romano Bros. Heating & Air a call today to talk to one of our top HVAC technicians and let us put you to ease by handling your investment like the professionals we are.