Does The Size Of Your HVAC System Matter?

Most homeowners forget about selecting the appropriate HVAC size for their homes when purchasing an HVAC system. Some people think smaller units help save more energy while others think that larger units bring out the best comfort. But they are wrong. So does the size of your HVAC system matter? Yes, it does and here's why:


Bigger Is Not Always Better

Oversized HVAC system is the most common purchases made by homeowners. The perception that “bigger is always better” deceives them. No matter how big and expensive your unit is, if it doesn’t meet the standard HVAC size for your room area, it won’t operate at its peak efficiency. An oversized HVAC system starts and stops more frequently than it should during its cycle.

This process increases the wear and tear development in the system, more energy waste, and puts a strain to your equipment’s operation resulting in higher monthly utility costs. Aside from that, your home becomes prone to mold and mildew growth due to the moisture left in the air which is a result of your system warming up too fast.


Smaller Is Not More Efficient

If oversized units are expensive and consume more energy, should you switch to smaller units then? Again, that depends on your room area. Small HVAC system is not always cost-efficient. If you have a large area that needs cooling down or heating up, but you are using a small-sized equipment, your system will work hard to catch up and maintain your desired room temperature. Thus, it consumes more energy and the double effort will cut the lifespan of your HVAC system.


Choosing The Right Size Is The Right Choice

HVAC efficiency is only effective when you picked the right equipment size for your home. For you to determine this, the help of a trusted HVAC contractor is necessary. Your contractor will consider factors such as your geographic location, your local climate, the layout and square footage of your home, comfort level preferences, and the heating and cooling load for every room when evaluating your house. It will help them determine the exact or appropriate HVAC size that both you and your house needs.


Consider the thought that you invest on your HVAC unit that is good to last for several years. We expect to enjoy our investment, receive our ROI (return on investment), and fully utilize it to its lifespan. One wrong decision will ruin everything that you hoped for. So, before you purchase a new HVAC system or upgrade your equipment, conduct thorough research on choosing the best HVAC size for you.

One best way to ensure that you are properly informed of the HVAC sizing standards is to seek out the help and advice of certified HVAC professionals. You can find one with us at Romano Bros. Heating & Air. You can also call us at (630) 931-0123 to ask questions directly with our accredited HVAC technicians. We’d be more than happy to assist you with your queries.