How to Set the Best Temperature for Your Furnace

A furnace is much more efficient and a better source of reliable warmth when set at the right temperature. As for what the "right" temperature is, the answer largely depends on personal preferences. However, there are other factors and considerations to keep in mind with your furnace's temperature settings. We go over our recommendations below and explain why being mindful of your thermostat settings is beneficial.

Finding the Right Balance

The best temperature for your furnace is one that allows you and anyone else in your home to remain comfortable. At the same time, it's important to go with settings that maintain optimal efficiency and save you money. This means you'll want to find the right balance with your furnace's temperature settings for times when you're home, away, and sleeping.

Setting the Temperature When at Home

When you're relaxing and doing other daily routines and activities within your home, somewhere between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit is what tends to work best. You can always make appropriate adjustments for frigid days when some extra heat is much appreciated and needed; otherwise, stick with the 68 to 72 range.

When You're Away from Home

When you are away from home for a decent amount of time, like when you're away for vacation or at work, 61 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit is the range to use for your furnace thermostat. Aim for the lower end of this range since you won't be home to notice the cold.

While Sleeping

Go with the 61 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit range for when you're sleeping. This is when your covers and blankets take over to keep you nice and warm until it's morning again, so there's no need to have your furnace doing extra work. Likewise, if it's a frigid night, by all means, turn up the temperature a bit more to remain safe and comfy.

Go Lower Slower

The human body does acclimate well to consistent temperatures. Therefore, if you're used to furnace temperature settings at the higher range of what was recommended above, slowly adjust your thermostat to the lower end of the range. Your body will eventually adjust, and you'll remain as warm and comfy as always.

The Benefits of Finding a Good Temperature Balance

Once you get into the habit of adjusting your furnace temperature settings, you should notice that your heating-related bills are going down. You'll also save money since a furnace operating at a more efficient temperature is one that's not going to have to work as hard to keep your indoor spaces comfy. This ultimately means less wear and tear on parts and fewer repair needs and expenses.

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