Why Does My Furnace Smell like Smoke?

The heating system in your home should always be taken seriously. Keep in mind, you depend on this system year round. Because of it, comfort is always available for you and your family. The last thing you should do is ignore your heating and cooling system when it needs you most. You should know when your HVAC is in need of inspection from a HVAC Professional. This won’t just keep your home warm in the winter, it can save your life.

Causes of Smoke Smells in your Home

It is likely that after the summer, you will encounter a smoke like odor coming from your vents. This is because, if the furnace is not in use, dust enters it. Dust is the first thing your HVAC system has to burn, and where the smell of smoke comes from. It usually only lasts about an hour. The burning smell will actually decrease much faster if you proceed with the following steps:

If You Smell Smoke

  • Stay calm
  • Clean off your furnace
  • Clean your air vents
  • Change out furnace filters regularly
  • Clean out your ducts
  • Contact an HVAC professional

Do Not Panic

Remain calm when you notice a burning smell inside of your home. This is crucial when avoiding a fire hazard.

Open Your Vents

If you’ve ever been concerned about heating costs, you’ve probably closed some of the heating vents in your home. Although this may sound like a good idea, the warm air that builds up in the furnace is due to the closure of too many vents. You should start counting how many vents are opened immediately after you smell smoke. If a fifth of the vents in your home are closed; open more vents to prevent more hot air from building inside the furnace.

Clean out Clogged Filters and Ducts

The burning odor comes specifically from furnaces whose filters are clogged with dirt. When you change these filters regularly, a furnace runs more efficiently. Also, ducts that are not often cleaned can give off a smell of smoke, as well. You don't necessarily have to change them, but you should clean them regularly. If the smell continues, seek help from HVAC professionals who provide duct cleaning and other preventive services.

Contact the Experts at Romano HVAC

The smell of smoke in your home should not be ignored. It is useful to act in an emergency situation, but there are still a variety of HVAC hazards which most people are unaware of, it’s in your best interest to get help. When a HVAC professional inspects your residence for smoke smells and other risks, your worries are over. They will provide you with accurate assessments and fail - safe methods to identify the source of the problem. Contact Romano Bros Heating & Air at 630-931-0123 to prevent possible damage to your home.