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Can Plants Really Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Can Plants Really Improve Indoor Air Quality?

If you're having quality issues with the air inside your home, you've likely searched for some quick and easy solutions. One that is constantly professed throughout online blogs is putting plants inside of your home. The thought is that plants can help detoxify toxins in poor air quality and produce more pure oxygen for your family to breathe.

Busting The Myths

Various household products release VOCs into your indoor air. Some of the most common include household cleaners, glue, air fresheners, paints, and permanent markers. It's been suggested that you can reduce the amount of VOCs present in the air by adding plants to your home.

While indoor plants can remove harmful VOCs from the air inside of your home, it's on a very small scale. Simply putting plants in your home when you have poor indoor air quality isn't going to make a massive difference in the air that your family breathes. However, it will give an uplift to your mood and provide a more relaxed look for your home.

Get A Professional Assessment

If you're worried about your indoor air quality, it's best just to get an assessment from a professional. We offer indoor air quality assessments to inform you of the various toxins present in your home air. Then, we'll assist you in determining the right solution, like adding an in-home air purifier to enhance your indoor air quality.

Benefits Of An Indoor Air Quality Assessment

The most obvious benefit of having an indoor air quality assessment is that you can determine the air quality inside your home. You'll be able to identify if there are high amounts of dangerous VOCs that are affecting your air quality. Apart from making your indoor air healthier for your whole family, enhancing your air quality can positively affect your home. It can reduce unpleasant odors. Reduce adverse health conditions and allergy flare-ups. And, it can improve your family's overall comfort level when they're spending time at home.

Call Us Today

If you believe that you have poor indoor air quality or are just curious about it, give us a call today. Our experienced HVAC professionals can perform an indoor air quality assessment and make recommendations for enhancing the quality of your indoor air. When you have better indoor air quality, you have a healthier home for your entire family.