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Fun HVAC Facts

We may think about the latest technological advances in heating and cooling systems being modern creations, but there are many aspects of the heating and cooling sector dating back thousands of years. Looking back at the heating and cooling sector throughout history, you will find some famous cultures and even the founder. The principles we use for heating and cooling in the modern world date back to the ancient Chinese and Roman cultures.

Facts About Air Conditioning

When we look at the theory behind air conditioning in the 21st-century, we can look back at the era of Egyptian dominance in Africa for the basic principles. Egyptians would soak reeds in water before hanging them in windows and doorways where the wind would blow moist, cooled air into each home. This is still the basic principle behind air conditioning in the 21st-century when moist, cooled air is blown from a unit through vents to cool our homes.

The U.S. took the lead with air conditioning in the 20th-century when President Herbert Hoover had a system installed in The White House for a total cost of just $30,000. We are happy the cost of air conditioning had fallen a lot since President Hoover's days when his system cooled only The Oval Office. It took until the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt before air conditioners cooled the bedrooms of The White House.

The History of Heating

The history of heating is a long and impressive one, with the Romans usually credited with inventing a system similar to our forced air heaters. When we look back at the history of HVAC systems, the Romans used wood furnaces attached to large vents that would move heated air under the floors of buildings to keep them warm on chilly days.

After the Roman culture came to an end, the furnace's use came to an end with the fireplace taking over. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin is credited with inventing the precursor to the modern heating system with his Pennsylvania Fireplace and Franklin Stove. There are many reasons why the heating systems of the past were created with the Governor of the Bank of England, creating the first steam-powered system to allow him to grow grapes in greenhouses.

Don't let your HVAC system be confined to history by calling our team of qualified technicians to work on your heating and cooling system and keep it running effectively.