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How Do You Landscape Around an Air Conditioner?

How Do You Landscape Around an Air Conditioner?

There are many reasons to complete your outdoor landscaping with your air conditioning unit in mind. The location of your air conditioning unit is the most important issue.

Professionals who install these air conditioning units must make choices on the ideal location. This is related to the connections and electrical wiring that operates the system. Much depends on proximity to the interior location of the ductwork and fan needed to circulate cool air. Generally, the air conditioning unit will be connected to your furnace's fan and your HVAC ductwork inside your home or building.

It's important to design a landscape around your air conditioning unit that makes annual tune-ups, inspections, and potential repairs readily accessible.

Planning a Landscape Design Around an Air Conditioner

The first part of your landscape design should be calculated with three to four feet of free space around the air conditioning unit. Next, consider the plant size at maturity. If you plan to cover your air conditioning unit when not in use during the winter, you can choose leafy trees. However, avoid trees with thick roots that spread and seek water with roots exposed above ground. These can damage the concrete base of the free-standing air conditioning unit, as well as your home or building's foundation.

If your unit is located in a very sunny or windy place, you may want to consider evergreens such as yews that are ideal as a windbreak and grow to about eight to ten feet in height and as much as five feet in width. These have relatively sedentary roots and won't cause problems at maturity. Evergreens do best when planted in deep, dark soil with about six inches of the trunk above the soil.

The Choice of Plants

The types of plants you choose for the landscape depend on how much labor they need to flourish and last and how much time and effort you wish to put into landscaping. The landscape design should complement the rest of the landscaping. Since the air conditioning unit will be located close to the structure, it is possible to create an "oasis" look by surrounding the air conditioning unit with evergreens or private hedges that can be trimmed as needed.

Another design to create an ornate landscape around your air conditioner is to purchase several free-standing trellises and plant clematis, morning glory, or if your growing zone permits, bougainvillea or camellias. These add color to your landscape. You can also add a small pergola or arbor so long as these do not inhibit air circulation around your air conditioning unit. Today's popular trend is for these to be built with roof beams and vertical beams without a solid roof or walls.

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The best advice for specific landscapes around an air conditioning unit comes from your HVAC professional. Call the experts at Romano Bros. Heating & Air for more tips about landscaping around your air conditioning unit.