Can a Smart Thermostat Work Without Wi-Fi Connection?

Smart thermostats are a great invention that can do several different things beyond just running your heating and cooling. Smart thermostats can do remote monitoring, connect to your other devices, and even display local weather conditions. Your smart thermostat will need to be connected to the Wi-Fi in order to work properly. There are several things that will be affected if the thermostat loses that Wi-Fi signal.

The Functionality of the Mobile App

When your thermostat loses connection with the Wi-Fi, the features that are controlled by the mobile app will not be at work. This may cause some inconvenience as you will not be able to control the thermostat remotely. Things that are controlled through the app include scheduling, humidity levels, and geofencing. Your thermostat should send a notification to your tablet or other mobile devices when your thermostat loses the internet connection. You may also receive an email.

Alerts and Live Updates

When your thermostat loses Wi-Fi connection, it will no longer send you notifications, reports, and updates to the app. You will not be notified if something goes wrong with your thermostat. When you have an internet connection to your thermostat, it will tell you when the electricity cuts out, water leaks, incorrect temperatures, low battery, and humidity problems.

Heating and Cooling

A loss of the Wi-Fi connection will cut out the advanced features of your smart thermostat, but your thermostat will still be able to control the heating and cooling system of your home. You will not have to worry that the system itself is offline. You will, however, not be able to change the heating and cooling schedule until the Wi-Fi is reconnected.

Troubleshooting The Wi-Fi Connection

Once you find out that the Wi-Fi connection has been interrupted, you will want to do a few troubleshooting steps to get the internet back and running.

Power: You will want to check your internet router to see if it has power. If the power was accidentally cut off, turn it back on to restore the function of the internet. If you are experiencing a power outage, just wait until the power comes back on, and the internet will reset.

Inspect the router: If you are not getting any Wi-Fi signal and the power is working, inspect the router and do a shutdown. Reboot the internet and see if the internet comes back on. If you do not get a successful start of your internet, call your provider to see if there is an outage and let them know your router is no longer working.

Check the thermostat: Ensure that the system is receiving power and that everything appears to be functioning. If not, you will need to call for a repair.

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