Help! My HVAC Unit is Making Popping Sounds!

At some point during the life of your HVAC unit, you might notice it making weird noises, and some may sound more alarming than others. While a popping noise may not be cause for immediate alarm, if the noise is often occurring, is very loud, or is accompanied by cooling and heating issues, it’s best to turn the unit off and contact professionals as soon as possible. Let’s review a couple of the reasons your HVAC unit may be making popping noises.

#1: Ice Is Forming, and the Unit is Freezing Up

When your HVAC unit is making a popping noise, like popcorn popping or crackling, it could be due to ice forming in the unit. If you live in a humid environment and set the temperature too low, it’s not unusual for ice to form. The popping sound you hear is the ice cracking and falling in the unit. If you encounter the unit freezing up often, it may be due to an underlying issue, so it’s best to give us a call.

If you notice the popping noise doesn’t last long and only occurs when the unit first kicks on, there’s usually no reason to panic. The temperature change when the unit kicks on can make the air ducts expand, causing noise. If you don’t notice any performance issues with your unit, you may want to mention the noise the next time you have the unit serviced.

#2: Electrical Issues are Present

It’s not unusual for electrical connections to become loose in the unit. When this happens, the connection may fray and spark, causing popping and cracking noises. Electrical issues can easily cause severe damage or fire, so it’s very important that you turn the unit off and call us immediately.

#3: Water or Liquid is in the Unit

After heavy rain or storms, water may get inside the HVAC unit. The popping sound is caused by the unit trying to get rid of the water. After a storm, it’s a good idea to visually inspect the outdoor HVAC unit to make sure debris is not causing any drainage issues.

A popping sound may also be a sign that liquid refrigerant is entering the compressor unit. Give us a call at Romano Bros. Heating and Air if you think this is occurring. The compressor is an expensive component of your HVAC unit, so you want to avoid damaging it.

So whether you hear a popping noise or you notice subpar performance from your unit, give us a call today.