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Lombard Residents

Need HVAC maintenance, repairs, installation, or replacement? Romano Bros. is servicing the Lombard area for all its HVAC needs.



Air Conditioning Repair

We don’t want to see you desperately escaping your overheated house in the summer. Let Romano Bros. check out your air conditioning system so you can enjoy some humidity relief from the comfort of your home.

Heating and Furnace Repair

In addition to A/C services in the Lombard area, Romano Bros. is also your expert for furnace services. If you are experiencing issues in the winter with your finicky furnace, Romano Bros. is happy to inspect your system and let you know how we can help bring it up to par.


Call Romano Bros. at (630) 931-0123 or use our online form today. We would love to get your home ready for all these Chicago seasons in Lombard!