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Pet Owners

5 HVAC Tips for Pet Owners

As a pet owner, you can agree that pets are part of the family. You want to ensure that they are healthy and comfortable. Since pets have fur, they can easily bring indoor contaminants into the house. In short, the pets can directly impact the HVAC efficiency and indoor air quality. As a result, pet owners should take into account the following HVAC tips:

1. Clean the Air Filter

The type of air filter determines the period when you should change it. The extent to which an air conditioner is being used also matters whether you have pets within your premises. If you have pets, it is recommended that you should change the air filter every 30 days.

As you change the air filter, you should check whether it is clean. Since the pets have fur and it may affect the efficiency of your air filter, you should purchase a better filter. Some filters can also be modified to ensure they are operating efficiently.

2. Ensure the Ducts Are Clean

Dander is in the form of tiny particles that are usually present in the animal fur. The pet dander can bring about some issues, especially if you or a loved one has an allergy. When you inhale the dander, you can start sneezing or coughing. If you have been exposed to dander for a prolonged period, you may experience respiratory problems, and they may persist. The pet dander usually finds its way to the air ducts. After turning on the HVAC system, the airborne contaminants, such as the pet dander, will be recirculated. As a result, pet owners should ensure the duct is clean at all times.

3. Clean Your Carpets

It is advisable to ensure that your indoor air quality is good since some airborne contaminants may affect people who have allergies and respiratory illnesses. When residing in an area with polluted air, you might experience nausea, headache, sneezing, flu-like symptoms, and coughing.

Clean your HVAC system and home regularly. Also, make sure the pets do not come into contact with the furniture. It is advisable to purchase a vacuum cleaner since it will help you clean the carpet.

4. Make Sure Your Pets Are Well-Groomed

You may clean your pet and ensure the fur is well trimmed in a bid to make sure the indoor air stays clean—less shedding results in less fur in the air ducts and filters.

5. Make Sure the Outdoor Unit is Protected

When a pet is roaming the yard, you should take time and make sure they are not wandering close to the outdoor condenser unit. Pets, such as dogs, may damage the HVAC unit or even inflict physical damage on themselves while snooping around. The dogs can damage the unit simply by “marking” it. In the process, the outdoor unit will corrode.

Consult with HVAC professionals at Romano Bros. Heating & Air. We will offer insight into how the HVAC system can be enclosed while ensuring the airflow is not blocked. If you need to inquire, feel free to reach out today! Romano Bros. Heating & Air readily available to look into your HVAC needs.