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HVAC tech checking air ducts for leaking air.

How To Prevent HVAC Failure

Your heating and air conditioning system can experience failure like other appliances. Some failures are minor, while others can end up costing you a good bit of money. There are several ways that you can prevent HVAC failure.

Changing the Air Filter Often

The air filter in your system plays an integral part. If the air filter becomes clogged, it will not allow enough air to get through the system. Your HVAC system will work harder, which will create more energy usage. More energy usage will equal you paying out more money for your utility bills each month. Besides high energy consumption, clogged air filters will cause more wear and tear. Change the air filter out monthly to ensure that it is clean.

Checking for Leaking Ductwork

Another issue that can cause failure in your system is leaking ductwork. When the ductwork is leaking, it will cause the unit to have to work harder. This will lead to equipment failure. Have your ductwork inspected by an HVAC professional once a year to prevent issues.

Regular Cleaning of the Unit

To help prevent issues with your heating and cooling system, you will want to clean it. Dust, dog hair, dirt, and other debris can compromise both the indoor and outdoor unit. This can lead to premature equipment failure. For the indoor unit, make sure that you keep the area around the unit clean at all times. Wipe the unit down often with a damp cloth while turned off. You can spray the outside unit off with a water hose. If you notice that your coils are dirty in your unit, you will want to call a professional to get your unit cleaned. Regular cleaning will help to prevent any equipment failures.

Keep an Eye out For Clogged Water Drains

You will want to keep an eye out for a clogged water drain on your HVAC unit. Drain line clogs can happen at any time. It can cause a moldy smell, and it can also cause water damage. In some cases, your system may not turn on at all if there is a water drain clog. Be sure to keep an eye on the drain pan to prevent this problem.

Call Us Today

The best way to prevent HVAC system failure is to have an HVAC professional come out once a year to check on your unit. Routine maintenance will prevent many failures and will help your unit last for a long time. To set up preventative maintenance, or to have an issue addressed, contact us at Romano Bros. We are here to help you with all your heating and cooling needs.