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Prepare Your HVAC Unit

How to Prepare Your HVAC Unit this Summer

Your HVAC system is your lifesaver when it comes to those hot summer months. It's what keeps your family cool and comfortable inside your home. While you may not think about it until you have a problem, maintenance is a necessary factor for your HVAC unit. With each season, comes the responsibility of new maintenance tasks. When it comes to the summer months, here's what you need to do to prep your HVAC system.

Replace Your Filters

Most HVAC units have disposable filters that can be easily replaced by homeowners. In some cases, there may be washable filters that can be utilized. Either way, they need to be replaced or cleaned before the worst of the summer months arrive. Depending on the type of air conditioning system you have, your filter could be located in different areas. It's best to check the owner's manual for your model air conditioning system to learn where the filters are and what type of filter your system takes.

Clean The Condenser Drain And Line

When the warm air is filtered through your air conditioning system, it's moisture is removed. This moisture flows out of the drain pipe and down through the drain to the exterior of your home. This line needs to be cleaned at the beginning of summer to ensure that any residue left behind from the previous year is successfully removed. Also, take the time to clean out the actual condenser drain so that it doesn't get clogged. Hard water and loose debris tend to be the most common culprits for clogging condenser drains.

Clean The Coils On Your Outdoor Unit

The condenser unit sits at the outside of your home. This unit has various coils throughout it that help to power your overall air conditioning system. These coils need to be cleaned out at the start of summer to ensure that your system works effectively. Without proper cleaning, your system will have an unwanted buildup of dust, debris, and mud that will gunk up the system. Be sure to disconnect the condenser unit before you get started to ensure your safety. In most cases, a garden house is enough to spray down the outside of the unit.

Clean The Fins

Apart from cleaning the coils on your outdoor condenser unit, you'll also need to clean out the fins. These are those metal grates that are highly visible from the outside of your unit. These fins must be carefully cleaned to avoid any damage. When they become bent, they hinder the performance of your air conditioning system. Utilize a brush to clean the metal fins and fix any bent ones to enhance your system's performance.

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With the summer months fast approaching, it's time to prepare your HVAC unit. By taking the time to clean your unit and replace necessary parts, you can help to ensure that your system runs efficiently this summer. If you need assistance with your pre-summer HVAC system maintenance, simply give Romano Bros. Heating & Air a call today. Our professional staff can assist you in getting your unit ready to undergo the long, hot months of summer.