Is a Smart Thermostat Right for Your Home?

Summer months are sometimes associated with heat, sweat, and high electric bills. If only there was a way to have a comfortable and controlled environment without the hassle of a high monthly electric bill. With the change in technology, it's only right that humans have developed a way to stay comfortable when in your home AND reduce your electric bill.

Call the whole-hearted HVAC professionals at Romano Brothers Heating & Air about easily controlling the comfort of your home by installing a smart thermostat today!

Start your home's smart transition by first installing a smart thermostat

We all have a smartphone, some have a smartwatch, but few have a smart thermostat. Why spend over a thousand big ones on the newest smartphone when you could start saving today with the installation of an easy to use a thermostat? Connect your home to your smartphone or tablet for simplicity in your pocket.

Control at your fingers, or even just the sound of your voice

Here’s how it works. Set the temperature of your home from just about anywhere. Program a schedule much easier than the old-school analog dials to cool your home when it matters, and save money when you can. There’s no more worrying about if you left the thermostat on cool when your not home.

Feeling a little warm or cold in the middle of the night? Ask Alexa or your smart device to adjust the temperature without lifting a finger. These new thermostats are also capable of controlling temperatures in different zones of your home. If the kids like it a little cooler, easily set their temperature a few degrees less than the rest of the home.

All this and more is possible with a simple and easy installation from your favorite HVAC service friends. Relax a little and save a ton of money by transitioning your home into a smart home.

Professional and courteous installation and service

The HVAC professionals at Romano Brothers Heating & Air in Lombard are eager and willing to help! The simple and easy transition into a smart home starts with a simple call to Romano Brothers Heating & Air at (630) 931-0123. The professionals in Lombard can easily install and give instructions on the system’s use and management. Invest in your health and home by simply making the appointment.