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Dog dressed as ghost for halloween

Spooky HVAC Stories

Halloween is just around the corner, and there is much to enjoy when it comes to enjoying the scariest season of the year. Spooky ghost stories abound, but with a little help from our team of expert technicians, you should be able to steer clear of the common HVAC problems that can make you think your house is haunted. Whether you believe a ghost is opening and closing doors, making some rooms cold, or making strange noises, our team of technicians is here to explain how your HVAC system can give you a scare.

A Strange Scream in the Night

If you are lying in bed at night and hear what you think is a scream piercing the quiet of the dark, you may be right. However, we think you should look at your HVAC system before determining a ghost is wreaking havoc because your unit could be causing you to hear some strange noises. The motor and belts attached to it can become worn or stiff, meaning you may hear a screech when your HVAC unit is trying to start and get all its moving parts shifting in the right direction. The same thing is possible when you think somebody is banging on your door when it could simply be the blades of your unit fan that require lubrication.

A Chill in the Air

Fall has arrived by the time Halloween comes around with chilly nights, making it difficult for you to stay warm outside. We think the cold room you may not want to enter because a specter is not causing the temperature. Instead, we will check if your HVAC unit is the correct size for your home's size and has the power to heat the air to every room of your house. A cold room is a symptom of a blocked return or vents that cannot push treated air through your home.

The Ghost Closing Your Door

Almost every scary movie we watch at Halloween will feature a door closing without being touched by any of the characters. In real life, you may think a poltergeist is wreaking havoc in your home, but we believe you will find answers of a more grounded kind. The first thing we will check is that no drafts are pushing air in from the exterior. After this, we will take a look at your HVAC unit to make sure you don't have pressure problems moving air quickly through your home and pushing your doors closed.

If you are hoping to avoid any Halloween HVAC horror stories, you should call our team of technicians to make sure your home is ready for the chilly night of the Fall.