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Troubleshooting Your HVAC

Troubleshooting Your HVAC This Spring

As Spring rolls back around, it's time to start using your cooling system again. Unfortunately, you may experience a malfunction or two with your HVAC system. But by understanding how to troubleshoot these basic issues, you can help get your system back up and running quickly.

Replacing a Dirty Air Filter

Probably one of the most common malfunctions that a homeowner will deal with regarding their HVAC system is a dirty air filter. You'll notice that your cooling system is constantly running and not adequately producing cold air. You may even notice a spike in your energy usage. Simply removing the dirty filter from your HVAC system's filter housing and replacing it with a new one can remedy your system problems.

Changing Your Thermostat to Cooling Mode

If you're still using an old dial or programmable thermostat, you will likely have both cool and heat modes. As you transition from using your furnace to your cooling system, you'll need to remember to change the mode of your thermostat. Many times, your cooling system won't kick on because you simply haven't switched it from heat mode to cool mode.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If you turn on your cooling system for the first time and it doesn't have power, it could be your breaker. Head down to your panel box and look for the breaker marked as your HVAC system. If the breaker has been tripped or is in the OFF position, you'll want to turn it to the ON position. If your HVAC system repeatedly trips the breaker, then it's time to contact an HVAC professional for assistance.

Blocked Condenser Unit

An essential component of your home cooling system is its outdoor condenser unit. This unit is responsible for dispersing the hot air transferred from inside your home. When this unit becomes blocked with debris, it can restrict its ability to disperse heat. This will drastically reduce the ability of your cooling system to cool down your home. Take a few moments and clear out an area around your condenser unit at least three feet. Make sure that you clear out any additional debris inside the condenser unit itself.

Unwanted Hot Spots

One pestering problem that you may experience with your cooling system is hot spots throughout your home. If only one room in your home is having trouble reaching a cooler temperature, it could be due to an obstruction with your ducting. Take a moment and evaluate where the supply and return vents are for the room. You may find that your supply vent has become blocked by a plant or piece of furniture. In some severe cases, the obstruction may be inside your ducts and will require a professional to get properly removed.

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If you're experiencing a problem with your HVAC system that you cannot safely troubleshoot, give us a call today. Our HVAC technicians are highly knowledgeable and can help evaluate and fix any issue you're having with your cooling system.