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Types of Air Filters

What Kind Of Air Filter Is Best?

Air filters prevent dust and dirt from coming inside your home. They trap or remove the pollutants from the air so we can breathe fresh, clean air. However, once these filters are covered in heavy dust buildup, they will cause respiratory problems. It is important that we change our filters at least every two to three months to avoid any health complications and system havoc. But what kind of air filter is best for your home?


Where Will You Place Your Air Filters?

Before you purchase an air filter, consider the place where you’ll be putting it. Will you place it on your ceiling or is it between the HVAC system and return duct? There are different types of filters for each designated place. Make sure to ask your HVAC technician what kind of air filter you should purchase for that certain location.


What Size Is Appropriate?

There is a wide range of air filter sizes. They can vary from thickness, height, and width. You can take the dimensions of the old air filters that you are about to dispose of before you buy your new filters. This should give you an idea what air filter size to look for in the market. Aside from that, your filters must be a perfect fit for the place where it will be attached. If it is too loose, air pollutants can still get through your HVAC system or your home. The installation becomes useless.


Mechanical Filters

Mechanical filters are commonly used for residential HVAC system. Synthetic fibers are used in these filters. These fibers trap debris and other small particles present in the air, preventing them from getting into our home and harming our lungs. There are different types of mechanical filters. These are the:

Fiberglass air filters

These filters have a flat surface panel and are very thin. However, they are not made to improve your indoor air quality, rather they only protect your HVAC unit. They can only remove about 10 percent of your home’s pollutants. Its MERV rating is between 1 and 4.

Pleated air filters

These types of air filters improve the airflow in your home and can eliminate up to 45 percent pollutants in your household. The MERV rating for pleated air filters is between 10 and 13.

High-efficiency air filters

These filters are referred to as the most practical filters. They can remove up to 85 percent of pollutants in your home. High-efficiency air filters are not the most expensive filters and they are the most practical filters for residences. Their MERV rating is 14 to 16.

True High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters

The HEPA filters can filter up to 98 percent of air pollutants present in your home. However, it should be used as a solo air purifier because there is too much air restriction. A significant air pressure is needed for air to pass through the filters. Air cannot pass through if there is an insufficient amount of pressure pushing through the filtration unit. HEPA filters have a MERV rating of 17 to 20.


Air filter efficiency is measured in Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value or MERV. Cheaper filters have lesser MERV ratings while the more expensive ones have higher MERV ratings. Filters with low MERV ratings should be replaced as frequently as possible in order to maintain a better indoor air quality.

Picking the right filters for your home is not a problem. You can always do some research online or better yet, call your trusted HVAC technician. Call Romano Bros at (630) 931-0123 and allow us to guide you in choosing the best air filter for your home!