Show Some Love to Your HVAC System This February

It's that time of the season to show some love to your HVAC unit. Discover why it's important to give your HVAC unit the attention it needs.

Why You Should Consider a Furnace Replacement

Although the furnace is durable, it still needs to be replaced over time once it reaches the end of its lifespan. As a homeowner, it's important to know when it's time to consider a furnace replacement to maintain the temperature in the building.

4 Reasons Why Your HVAC Unit is Overheating

If you have an overheating HVAC system, you want to address this issue as soon as possible. When your HVAC system is overheating, it will not run correctly and may cause your utility bills to skyrocket.

3 Best Tips for Heating a Garage

There are ways you can heat your garage to make it more comfortable and usable even in the fall and winter months. Here are three of the best tips we have to offer for heating a garage

Fun HVAC Facts

We may think about the latest technological advances in heating and cooling systems being modern creations, but there are many aspects of the heating and cooling sector dating back thousands of years. Looking back at the heating and cooling sector throughout history, you will find some famous cultures and even the founder. The principles we use for heating and cooling in the modern world date back to the ancient Chinese and Roman cultures.

Best Heating/Cooling Option for a Finished Basement

A finished basement not only increases the overall value of your home but it also adds living space for your family to enjoy. Apart from designing the setup of your basement, you will need to consider how you're going to heat and cool it. In this day and age, you have a few different options for handling the HVAC needs of your newly finished basement.

Why is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

/chicago-hvac-companyAs winter draws in and the weather gets colder, you want to be able to turn on your heater and have it blow warm, comforting air into your space. If this doesn’t happen and it blows cold air, this can be incredibly frustrating and disconcerting.