3 Best Tips for Heating a Garage

A garage isn't likely to be a place you only use seasonally or during certain times of the year, especially if it's adjacent to your home. Unfortunately, it's also a place that tends to lack sufficient heating for times when temperatures do start to drop. The good news is that there are ways you can heat your garage to make it more comfortable and usable even in the fall and winter months. Here are three of the best tips we have to offer for heating a garage.

1. Consider a Forced-Air Heater

As the name implies, a forced-air heater pushes heated air into a space that needs to be warmed. This type of heater can be installed in your garage, similar to what's normally done in a home. The potential downside is that the blowing air could blow dust and debris around if you use your garage for woodworking or similar projects. Natural gas is a popular fuel source for forced-air heaters. However, there are portable electric and propane models you can use instead.

2. Try a Convection Heater

A convection heater warms an inside space from the top down. It relies on the fact that warm air rises and falls when it cools off. The result is even heating since the warmed air steadily flows downward into your garage. If you choose the right size, a convection heater can also quickly warm up your garage. Convection heaters come in various shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find something appropriate for your garage and comfort preferences. Electricity, natural gas, and propane are the most common fuel sources used for convection heating.

3. Go Ductless with a Mini-Split System

If you want to optimize efficiency while keeping your garage comfortable when it needs to be warmed up, consider going ductless. Also referred to as mini-split systems, ductless systems are designed to provide both heating and cooling. Ductless systems are efficient and easy to install. Plus, you'll be rewarded with year-round comfort in your garage.

Bonus tip: Regardless of how you opt to heat your garage, don't forget to insulate it, too! Otherwise, you'll be losing all the warmth you're trying to keep in your garage.

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